Do men practice yoga?

why more women practice yoga than men

Go to any yoga class around the world and chances are there will be more women than men in the class. I have practiced yoga all over the world and classes range from all-female to maybe a 40/60 ratio of men to women. So why do more women practice yoga compared to men? Many years […]

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Why Right Leg First In Lotus Pose?

why right leg first in lotus

Lotus Pose, or Padmasana in Sanskrit, is one of the most widely recognized poses in yoga. It is considered to be the ultimate pose for seated meditation. Interestingly, there is a standard way of entering this pose.  There is a specific order of placing the legs in lotus. According to traditional yoga texts, we place right […]

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Yoga Is So Expensive, But Why?

why yoga is so expensive

For the past decade, yoga has been experiencing a boom. More and more yoga studios are opening up, driving up the competition and with that, the prices of yoga classes. And so if you are wondering why yoga is expensive, let’s have a look. So why is yoga so expensive? In short, the ongoing training […]

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Why We Use Sanskrit in Yoga

why we use sanskrit in yoga

When I first started practicing yoga, I remember being fascinated by the Sanskrit words my teacher used when guiding the class. And now as a yoga teacher myself, a common question I get asked is: Why do we use Sanskrit in yoga? The foundational texts of classical yoga philosophy were written in Sanskrit, more than […]

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