The 9 Yoga Podcasts That Changed My Life

best yoga podcasts

In today’s fast-paced and digitally interconnected society, finding moments of inner peace and self-discovery can be a challenge. However, thanks to yoga podcasts, we now have the opportunity to bring the transformative practice of yoga into our daily lives, wherever and whenever we choose. In this article, I’m going to explore nine extraordinary yoga podcasts […]

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108 Sun Salutations: Your Ultimate Guide

Sign on a blue wall with the number 108

If you have ever been to a yoga class, you will most likely have practiced sun salutations. But have you ever practiced 108 sun salutations? Most yoga classes start off with sun salutations. Sun salutations can be considered as different shapes in space we create with our bodies. And so through this series of movements […]

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Should You Do Yoga Twice A Day

If you’ve ever been on a yoga retreat or even a workshop you’ve probably got first-hand experience of yoga twice a day. It isn’t very common in our more ‘normal’ daily lives. And so it is worth wondering whether we can do yoga twice a day. Doing yoga twice a day is a personal choice, […]

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