Yoga Mat Grip: I tested 7 of the most popular mats

Yoga Mat Grip: I tested 7 of the most popular mats
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Yoga Mat Grip: I tested 7 of the most popular mats

Having a non-slip yoga mat is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a new yoga mat. The reason is that if your yoga mat provides sufficient grip, it may help make your yoga practice just that much easier as you won’t be sliding in poses like downward-facing dog.

Given the importance of yoga mat grip, I decided to test seven of the most popular yoga mats for this article. In fact, I even made a Youtube video explaining how to choose a yoga mat, and grip is also mentioned.

Here’s a quick preview of the best non-slip yoga mats that I’ll cover:

Best Cushioning: BMAT Strong
Best Premium: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat
Best Travel: Manduka Travel
Best Budget: Lululemon
Best Natural Rubber: Jade Harmony
Best Alignment: Liforme
Best Looking:

For more information on how to find your ideal yoga mat, here is How To Choose the BEST Yoga Mat in 8 Steps.

What is the best grip yoga mat?

For now, let’s look at the yoga mats reviewed, ranked from overall best to worst:

Yoga MatGrip with dry handsGrip with sweaty handsDurability
Manduka ProA*CA+
Maduka travelA+CB
Jade HarmonyAA-C
BMat StrongAA+C
Best non-slip yoga mats

*One thing to point out about the Manduka Pro is that it offers superior grip. However, that is only once it has been broken in. If you would like more information, check out my YouTube video on how to break in a Manduka Pro.

Why these yoga mats?

Since yoga mat grip is so important, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of yoga mats out there that offer a non-slippery practice. Instead of trying to test every single non-slip yoga mat on the market, I instead decided to focus on 7 of the most popular options.

Narrowing the field means I left plenty of yoga mats out of this comparison. If your favorite yoga mat is not on the list, it’s not because I don’t like it, but rather I had ran out of money by then! However, I did try to get a good selection of what’s out there, some are more popular than others, but I’m sure you’ll be familiar with most of them.

Comparison Criteria

Many people see yoga mats as their main yoga investment. Of course, having one that offers good grip is a very important factor to keep in mind.

The key factor that affects yoga mat grip is the material, and so if you are interested in finding out more, you may like my article: Yoga Mat Material of all Popular Yoga Mats

The criteria I was most concerned with were, therefore: grip when your hands are dry, grip when your hands are sweaty, and how long-lasting it is. Price was also factored in, but I tried not to lean on price too heavily. After all, the cheapest mat on the list is only about half the price of the most expensive, so all the mats in this ranking are all in the same price range. I wanted to find the best value rather than the cheapest price.

Regarding the grip rating, instead of giving hard numbers, I instead sought to compare these yoga mats to each other so they’ve been given a grade from A to C. If one mat had exceptionally bad grip it would have received a D or an F, but it didn’t turn out that way.

An ‘A’ grade is what I considered to be great grip, where there would be no sliding in any poses. The ‘B’ and ‘C’ grades are for acceptable or passable grip. Of the seven mats tested, I gave them all an A-, A, or A+ rating since the grip for those mats was very comparable to each other.

#1 – Manduka Pro

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Grip
Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Grip

It should be no surprise that the Manduka Pro would appear top on my list.

To start with, the grip of this yoga mat is fantastic. When you first start off your practice and your hands are dry, this mat is going to ensure good grip meaning you won’t be sliding anywhere when you enter your first downward facing dog.

The Manduka Pro is a typical example of a closed-cell yoga mat. This means that it won’t absorb any of your sweat during practice. The advantage of this is that is it easy to clean and you can simply wipe down your mat after every practice.

The disadvantage is that any sweat that is on the surface remains there, meaning you are likely to slip if you sweat a lot. And so if you are one to sweaty practice, you may want to place a yoga mat towel or a cotton mat on top of your Manduka Pro.

Another strong point for this mat was the lifetime guarantee. I’ve had my Manduka Pro for the past 11 years. I absolutely love this mat as it’s perfect for sweaty and dynamic yoga practices like Ashtanga or Power yoga. You don’t need to worry about replacing this yoga mat as you’re most likely to have it for life.

And so it comes as no surprise that in a recent survey I carried out, 73% of Ashtanga yoga practitioners mentioned that they would recommend Manduka Pro.

Features to love about the Manduka Pro:

  • Mat for life as it offers a lifetime guarantee
  • 6mm thick, meaning that it offers great cushioning of sensitive joints
  • Comes in two lengths, regular 71 Inches and extra-long 85 Inches
  • Made in an emissions-free facility

Of course, there really is no perfect yoga mat. And so in my opinion, the main drawbacks of this yoga mat is:

1. This is quite a heavy yoga mat at 3.4 kg, and so this may not be your best option if you have to carry it to your local yoga studio, or if you are planning on traveling to a retreat with it.

2. You may need to break it in at first to experience the superior grip. For more information check my video.

For a full review of the Manduka Pro, check out my article here!

#2 Manduka Travel

Manduka Travel Mat Yoga Mat Grip

For anyone interested in traveling, then the Manduka Travel is an excellent choice. The grip it offers is incredible, for both dry but not for sweaty hands.

I remember when I first used it I was pleasantly surprised and how non-slip it actually was! (Again, only with dry hands)

It is an extremely affordable option for anyone on a budget. However, one this to point out is this is a travel mat. What does that mean? Well, it means that it really is only suitable for travel.

The main advantages of the Manduka travel mat are that it is only 1,5mm thick (the Manduka Pro is 6mm thick), it can be folded into a backpack and it weighs just 0.9kg/2lbs.

The main disadvantage is that it is too thin to be placed on a hard floor. And so it is best used on a softer floor (like a thick carpet or cork) or if placed on another mat.

And so consider placing it on any communal yoga mats in your local yoga studio or on top of an older yoga mat.

Features to love about the Manduka Travel:

  • 1.5mm thick meaning you can fold it up and place it in your backpack
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Rather affordable

#3 Sugarmat

Sugarmat Yoga Mat Grip

The Sugarmat was actually a pleasant surprise! It is most known for its beautiful designs and so the great grip was an added bonus.

I purchased the 5mm version as I like thick yoga mats.

On their website, they say: “Ultra-absorbent synthetic suede top; the sweatier, the more grip”. I’ve been asked if the surface does indeed feel like suede. I would say the surface feels a lot like the Liforme and the Lululemon. It feels smooth and the grip is incredible.

I have tested it both with dry and with wet hands and I will say the grip won’t disappoint. This is thanks to its top Polyurethane surface which means it is a great nonslip yoga mat.

Regarding the base, similar to the Liforme and Lululemon, the base is rubber. This means that it will offer good cushioning to protect your joints.

If you would like to see my individual review of the Sugarmat, check out my YouTube video here.

Features to love about the Sugarmat:

  • 5mm thick meaning you will experience some good cushioning
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comes in a beautiful variety of colors and patterns

#4 Jade Harmony

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Grip

The Jade Harmony is a very popular natural rubber yoga mat. And it’s no surprise why!

It is affordable at just under 80USD and the grip is incredible.

The entire yoga mat is made of rubber, as opposed to Sugarmat, Liforme, and Lululemon whose base is rubber. And so the surface of the Jade Harmony has a very comforting cushioning feel. In a way, it’s like it hugs your hands ever so slightly.

If you’re someone who sweats a lot, this may be the mat for you.


Well because it’s an open-cell mat, meaning that it is porous and so it absorbs sweat.

And so if you are looking for a yoga mat for sweaty practices, then this mat may be perfect for you as there will be no sweat puddles and the grip remains incredible! This is good for a dynamic practice like Ashtanga.

One downside is that it is prone to wear and tear and may not last too long.

If you would like to me compare the Jade Harmony to the Manduka Pro, then check out my YouTube video here.

Features to love about the Jade Harmony:

  • It’s a thick mat (4mm) meaning that it will also provide you with a lot of cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • 100% Natural rubber
  • Eco friendly

#5 BMat Strong

BMat Yoga Mat Grip

I purchased the BMat Strong after viewers asked me to review it on my YouTube Channel. And so when I first tried it out I remember feeling blown away! Really.

Is it 5mm thick, meaning that it offers incredible cushioning. But more importantly, it is 100% rubber meaning it also offers incredible grip, both with dry and wet hands.

I would recommend this yoga mat to anyone who sweats a lot during their practice and wants a good quality yoga mat to ensure there will be no hands sliding.

And so practicing on this yoga mat felt like a real treat. If you would like to see my individual review of the BMat, check out my YouTube video here.

Features to love about the BMat Strong:

  • It’s a thick mat (6mm) meaning that it will also provide you with a lot of cushioning
  • 100% Natural rubber
  • Eco-friendly

For a full review of the BMat yoga, check out my article here!

#6 Liforme

Liforme Yoga Mat Grip

You have probably seen this yoga mat on social media, Instagram in particular! Since the release of their first even yoga mat with an alignment system, the Liforme Yoga Mat has helped to revolutionize how useful and practical the top surface of a yoga mat can be.

And so their intelligent alignment patterns can greatly benefit yoga beginners and more advanced practitioners. And yet that is just one of the benefits of this mat. You will experience a superior grip to support your Power yoga practice. Plus, it looks really pretty.

Features to love about the Liforme Yoga Mat

  • It is made from Natural Rubber and Eco-Polyurethane
  • The great grip you will experience is thanks to their “GripForMe” material 
  • It has a rubber base meaning that you will experience great cushioning.
  • Lightweight and so it is easy enough to carry around
  • Comes in a travel mat edition, making it the perfect mat to travel with

For a full review of the Liforme yoga mat, check out my article here!

#7 Lululemon

Lululemon Yoga Mat Grip

If you practice yoga are you’re looking for a good quality yoga mat that has good grip, good cushioning, and is under $100, you’re going to want to check this mat out. It has a good grip in dry and sweaty conditions. It has an interesting leather-like top layer that maximizes your grip no matter how much you sweat. And that’s something worth checking out!

Features to love about the Lululemon:

  • Good grip for an Ashtanga yoga practice
  • Antimicrobial layer
  • 5mm thick meaning you will experience great cushioning
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Affordable

For a full review of the Lululemon yoga mat, check out my article here!

How do you make a yoga mat grippy?

As a general rule, you can’t make a yoga mat more grippy. What you can do is buy a yoga mat that ensures it offers good grip. This will depend on the yoga mat material and whether the manufacturer ensures the yoga mat can offer great grip for your practice.

The yoga mats listen in this article are all known to offer great grip.

How do you keep your hands from slipping on a yoga mat?

As a general rule, you can ensure your hands don’t slip if you use a yoga mat that has good grip. The most common people have is when their hands slip when they are sweaty. In that case, consider purchasing a rubber mat such as the Jade Harmony, which ensures good grip with both wet and dry hands.

Are yoga mats grippy?

As a general rule, not all yoga mats are grippy. It depends on the yoga mat material. And so if you are looking for a yoga mat with great grip aim for the Manduka Pro which is loved by Ashtanga yoga practitioners, or the Jade Hamrony which is 100% rubber and absorbs sweat providing great grip.

How do I keep my yoga mat from sliding?

There are two ways to keep your yoga mat from sliding. The first method is to use a yoga mat the is thick, has good grip (top and bottom), and is made of sturdy material. The other method is to use a non-slip rug gripper. This will help your yoga mat stay in place during your practice.

If you want a video on how to use a non-slip rug gripper then check out this video.

Why does my yoga mat keep slipping?

Your yoga mat may be slipping because there is not enough friction between your yoga mat and the surface on which you are practicing. To help solve this, you could use non-slip rug gripper on the base of your yoga mat to ensure it stays in place.

What can you do for sweaty hands from yoga?

As a general rule, if you have sweaty hands you can either buy a rubber mat that can absorb your sweat during practice. This will ensure that you will always have a good grip, regardless of how much you sweat. The other solution is to use a yoga towel for your hands to help absorb the sweat.

For more information, you may like my article: Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands & Feet (For Perfect Grip)

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