B Yoga Mat Review – 1 Year Later

B Yoga Mat Review - 1 Year Later
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B Yoga Mat Review - 1 Year Later

B Yoga mat is known for its eco-friendly and minimal yoga mats that also offer great grip, but are they good enough to buy? I purchased their 6mm Strong version and have been practicing on it for 1 year. And so for the purpose of this B Yoga mat review, I have done some additional research, and here is what I found.

B Yoga mats are eco-friendly yoga mats that come in a variety of beautiful colors and thicknesses. They offer exceptional grip, even when sweaty, and offer great cushioning due to their rubber base. However, the downside is that they are not long-lasting.

It’s no surprise this brand was listed as one of the best yoga mats according to Vogue.

In this review, I discuss my experiences with my B Yoga mat that I’ve had for just over a year now.

The Best Things About a B Yoga Mat

Great Grip With Dry And Sweaty Hands

One of my favorite parts of the B Yoga mat is the incredible gip it offers. I’m not sure if you have ever practiced on a yoga mat without any serious grip, but it can be a real pain in the neck.

As you can imagine, having good grip is one of the most important features of a good quality yoga mat. And so I wanted to try out the grip on this yoga mat. In fact, I’ve done quite a lot of research on yoga mat grip, so I wanted to see how this mat compares.

Interestingly, most mats tend to lose grip once wet, especially if they are budget yoga mats. And yet that is where the B Yoga mat differs.

With the B Yoga mat, you will know that once you have started to sweat you will get to experience a superior grip during your practice.

The reason is that the B Yoga mat is made of natural rubber, helping it offer superior grip throughout your practice. Indeed, according to their website: “Our traditional B MAT is made of 100% rubber with natural and synthetic components. The natural rubber used in our mats is inherently grippy and antimicrobial, making it perfect for a sweaty practice. The small amount of synthetic rubber is used to increase the durability and longevity of the mat.”

And this is why this is a great yoga mat for those who sweat a lot or those looking for a great hot yoga mat.

If you want to see the grip in action, check out my video, where I test the grip with both dry and wet hands:

Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

If you are looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat, then you’ll see that B Yoga won’t disappoint. According to their website:

  • “Oeko-Tex certified: free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use”.
  • “100% rubber”

It Comes In Many Beautiful Colors

The next thing to love about the B Yoga mat is the beautiful colors it comes in!

I purchased the Lilac version which to my understanding is now discontinued. I decided on this color as I remember this being the very first color I had seen of these mats and I guess it stuck in my mind. Plus, I wanted a slightly light-colored yoga mat after practicing on my black Manduka Pro for the past 10 years!

At the time of writing this article, I counted 9 different colors so you are likely to find something you like.

B Yoga mat thickness

3 Options of Thickness

One further advantage of the B Yoga mat is that it comes in a few thickness options:

  • 2mm
  • 4mm
  • 6mm

Now, yoga mat thickness is a very important factor to look into when choosing a yoga mat.

For me, the best thickness of a yoga mat is 6mm. Why? Well, it is thick enough so you don’t feel the floor beneath you, your joints are protected, your hands and feet don’t sink into the mat.

This particular mat is 100% rubber. And so the 6mm Strong B Yoga mat I have offers superior cushioning. And so if you are looking for a yoga mat to protect your joints or if you have bad knees, then this is definitely a mat to consider.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning with soap and water is the main recommended method to clean a B Yoga mat.

According to WebMD, if you want to remove dirt and grime and get rid of some germs, then simply clean with soap and hot water.

And so it’s no wonder that Liforme, B Yoga, and Sugarmat all recommend using soap and water to clean your yoga mat.

And so for a regular clean every 5-10 uses wipe your mat with some soap and water. For more information check out my article here: 6 Ways To Clean Your Yoga Mat Naturally

Of course, you could always buy a ready-made yoga mat cleaner spray, or make your very own. For more information check out my article: 7 BEST Yoga Mat Cleaner Sprays: I Tried Them All.

Two things to point out:

  • If you use a commercial yoga mat cleaner, aim for one specifically made for rubber yoga mats (e.g. Manduka’s Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore)
  • B Yoga mat is a natural rubber mat so it is important to not let it air dry in direct sunlight as this may damage your mat.

And if you’re wondering if you can put your B Yoga mat in the washing machine, the short answer is no.

Why? Well, B Yoga mats are not designed to be washed in the washing machine as that may, unfortunately, ruin the mat. For more information read my article: Yoga Mat in the Washing Machine – Yes or No?

A Comfortable 2.2kg

Yoga mat weight is actually an important factor to consider when looking for a yoga mat.

Why? Well if you are planning on traveling with your yoga mat or want to carry it to and from your local studio, then perhaps it’s best to go for a yoga mat that isn’t too heavy.

And that’s actually where the B Yoga comes in. Their 6mm version comes in at 2.2kg which is not too heavy to travel with and carry around with you.

For a bit of comparison, the B Yoga mat is just a bit lighter than the Lululemon Reversible (2.4kg) and a lot lighter than the Manduka Pro (3.4kg).

Plus, if you are looking for a travel yoga mat that is much lighter and easier to travel with, then you can go for the thinner 4mm which weighs just 1.85kg, or even the thinner 2mm travel mat which weighs just 1.4kg, making it perfect to travel with.

Long Version

Some good news for the taller yogis.

The standard yoga mat size is a length of 68″/173cm and 71″/178cm.

But what happens if you are taller than that and want your head and feet to lie comfortably on the floor when in Savasana?

Well, thankfully B Yoga mat also offers their Long yoga mats which are 2.15m in length.

B Yoga Extras

I will add this to the list of things to love about B Yoga mats.

If you are looking for a variety of eco-friendly and beautiful yoga mats and yoga props to add to your collection, then you won’t be disappointed.

B Yoga has:

  • Yoga mats
  • Blocks
  • Bolsters
  • Yoga mat bags
  • Apparel
  • Yoga blankets

Anti-Microbial Properties: Great for Hygiene

This one is important for those with sweaty practices. It is vital to keep up with hygiene, and this can sometimes be challenging for those with dynamic and daily practices.

My key tips would be to always allow your yoga mat to airdry, after each and every practice.

Then also try to wipe down and clean your yoga mat once a week or once every two weeks. if you’re wondering how often to clean your yoga mat, check out my article: This Is Really How Often To Clean A Yoga Mat.

The Worst Things About B Yoga Mat

As much as I do really like B Yoga, it still has its issues.

It Smells When Brand New

Yes, indeed, it smells quite a lot! Ok this is actually true for any rubber yoga mat you buy. I had the same experience with the Lululemon and the Jade Harmony too.

And the reason is simple:

According to the B Yoga website:

“We pride ourselves in not using harsh chemicals, finishes, or sealants on our mats. Any smell omitted from our mats is a result of the natural rubber used in the composition of the mat. This mild scent is most apparent first out of the packaging but will dissipate with time and increased air exposure.”

It’s Fairly Expensive

B Yoga mat is not going to be one of your cheaper yoga mats. Of course, it is considered a premium yoga mat so it only makes sense that it wont be a budget yoga mat.

But you know what? In my opinion, most times expensive yoga mats are worth it.

Why? Well, this one offers superior grip regardless of dry or sweaty hands. It’s eco-friendly, it’s pretty and because its 100% rubber it offers superior cushioning.

If you get the 6mm version like I did, it comes in at $98, which if you think about it is still under $100. Slighly expensive, I know. So if you’re looking to treat yourself, then know that you’re getting a really good quality eco-friendly yoga mat.

It’s Not The Most Long-Lasting of Yoga Mats

Another disadvantage of the B Yoga mat is that it is not the most long-lasting yoga mat out there. I’ve had mine for a year and I can already see some signs of wear and tear on the surface.

Ok, nothing can compete with the Manduka Pro and its lifetime guarantee. However, for $140-$190, I would have liked it if I knew it would last more than 2 years.

The Grip Can Be Too Good

Ok so this is an interesting disadvantage to talk about, however I know some people have mentioned it in their reviews!

If you practice a flowy style of yoga where you may be sliding in and out of poses, then the B Yoga mat may make you practice slightly more challenging.


Well its superior grips makes it hard to slide into poses and may even result in c little carpet burn.

I’ve been ok in my practice with this mat, however I know some people have struggled with this lack of a smooth surface so keep this in mind.

For example, if you practice Ashtanga yoga and want to slide into your vinyasas, then this mat may make you have to jump even higher to get your feet through!

Conclusion of B Yoga Mat Review

B Yoga is not perfect, but it is still a terrific buy. If you are thinking of settling for a cheaper yoga mat you may want to reconsider.

In my opinion, the B Yoga Mat is well worth it.

I really love the grip (with both dry and wet hands).

Not to mention the fact that its absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to practice on!

My biggest complaint is that it doesn’t last that long. But in my opinion, this is a small price to pay when juxtaposed with the plethora of great features.

Related Questions

Do B mats smell?

Yes, B yoga mats smell. However, this smell goes away after a couple of days if you let it airdry out of direct sunlight. Keep in mind that most rubber yoga mats smell when brand new so it is completely normal.

What are B mats?

B mats are a Canadian brand of yoga mat. They make 100% rubber and eco-friendly yoga mats that offer superior grip with both dry and wet hands.

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